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Brewers Yeast

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 Small Horses (up to 450kg) = £0.08 per day

Large Horses (450kg+) = £0.16 per day
*Based on the 5kg price

Why Feed Brewers Yeast?

Brewers Yeast is rich in B vitamins and amino acids and is filled with prebiotics to aid with digestion and help with conditions such as laminitis and metabolic syndrome which is associated with a build up of sugars. It is extremely valuable in the diet of stressed and anxious horses and it helps to optimise energy conversion of feed and is beneficial for growing and convalescing horses. Brewers yeast has also been known to help improve skin & coat condition.

What's in the bag?

We use 100% pure Brewers Yeast, nothing else is added or taken away.

How To Feed Brewers Yeast

This product can be mixed with your horses daily feed at the following amounts:

  • Small Horse (Under 450kg) - 20g per day, this can be split between feeds or given at once
  • Large Horse (450kg+) - 40g per day, this can be split between feeds or given at once