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 Small Horses (up to 450kg) = £0.25 per day

Large Horses (450kg+) = £0.33 per day
*Based on the 3kg Bucket price

Why Feed TURbo Boost?

TURbo Boost is an easy to feed complete Turmeric supplement in pelleted form, it contains great ingredients like cooked linseed meal & cracked black pepper to help improve the bioavailability of Curcumin (The active ingredient in Turmeric) & maximise your horse’s absorption of this fantastic compound.

Feeding Turmeric can have so many positives for your horse, including

  • Improving Joint Health – Supports your horses natural inflammation processes
  • Help Aid Digestion – Turmeric helps to support the digestive tract and promote good gut health
  • Coat & Skin Condition – Helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Overall Health Boost – Turmeric helps to promote good overall health by supporting your horses natural defence mechanisms

With TURbo Boost you get all the benefits of feeding Turmeric Powder but with ZERO hassle & ZERO mess! As this it’s a complete pelleted supplement you can be sure your horse is getting 100% of their daily dose unlike powdered supplements that can get stuck around feeding bowls or avoided all together. It’s easy to feed, and thanks to its amazing smell and taste your horse will be excited every feed time!

Cooked Linseed Meal is used in our pellet, not only does it make the Turmeric more bioavailable but it’s also a great source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, these help to improve skin condition and can also help give your horse a beautiful shiny coat. We also include Apple Cider Vinegar in our TURbo Boost Pellet, this is packed full of Vitamin B and natural antioxidants which can help with gut health and overall conditioning. Black Pepper is added into our pellets as it contains an amazing compound called Piperine, this not only helps aid digestion, but most importantly it increases the bioavailability of Curcumin in Turmeric, which means your horse will be able to absorb this much more efficiently.

What Herbs & Why?

Our cold-pressed pellets contain Turmeric Powder (5-8% Curcumin), Lucerne, Beet Pulp, Oatfeed, Linseed Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother), Cracked Black Pepper.

Properties & Benefits of Black Pepper

How To Feed TURbo Boost

As our TURbo Boost Pellets contain Linseed Meal & Black Pepper you can feed this supplement straight from the tub, knowing that your horse is able to absorb the amazing benefits of Turmeric Powder.

  • Small Horse (Under 450kg) - 1.5 scoops per day (35g), this can be split between feeds or fed at once
  • Large Horse (450kg+) - 2 scoops per day (50g), this can be split between feeds or fed at once
  • 1 Enclosed Scoop = 25g

As with any Turmeric based supplement, TURbo Boost should be introduced to the horses diet slowly, built up gradually over the course of a week or 2.

Please take veterinary advice when feeding to pregnant mares