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Why Feed Magnesium Oxide to your horse?

Magnesium, a macromineral, is essential for horses to experience optimal muscular functioning and nerve transmission. Furthermore, it plays a significant role in energy metabolism, enzyme activation, and the recovery of muscle tissue after activity. Magnesium oxide powder is a preferred supplementation choice in horses, as it is both readily absorbed and highly concentrated; additionally, when evaluated daily, it is one of the most economical sources of magnesium.

Magnesium Oxide, a natural mineral, has numerous beneficial properties when administered internally, such as reinforcing hoof vitality, ameliorating stone bruising and soreness, mitigating stress and anxiety, aiding nerve and muscle function, and even relieving laminitis.

Be mindful of signs of Magnesium deficiency in horses during the spring, which is often associated with rapid growth of grass that lacks adequate Magnesium levels.

What's in the bag?

Nothing else is included or removed from Magnesium Oxide, making it additive-free

How To Feed Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium is 100% natural and safe for consistent, long term use.

Incorporate Magnesium Oxide into your horses' daily feed at the recommended rate.

Magnesium Oxide in powder form is suitable for inclusion in a horse's diet and can be readily incorporated into daily feed at the recommended rate.

The amount you add will vary depending on the size and weight of your horse. General recommendations are for 2 grams of Magnesium oxide for horses per 100 kg of body weight.

NOTE: Do not use this product to replace veterinary care – If problems persist, see your local veterinarian.