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Calming Chamomile Cubes 1kg Pouch

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Why Feed Horse Herbs Calming Chamomile Cubes?


These 100% natural treats are a perfect blend of tasty Chamomile flowers & dried grass, compressed into small, bite sized blocks, perfect for hand feeding or scattering onto food. Our Cubes are formed under high pressure so there is no binders or sticky molasses to hold them together.

Chamomile can help with stress, tension, anxiety and nervousness helping with a good nights sleep. Chamomile also helps with minor digestive problems, wind, bloating & colic.

These treats contain no added sugar, the only sugar that you'll find in these treats is the natural stuff found in all grass. This entire 1kg bag of Chamomile treats contains only around 80g of (natural) sugar, meaning these can be enjoyed more often than other sugary alternatives!

What's in this treat?

We use:

Chamomile - Helps to calm & relax your horse, helping with a good nights sleep, also helps to support & maintain a healthy digestive system

Composition - Dried Chamomile & Dried Grass (Tall Fescue)

Analytical Info

Protein 11.5%, Fats & Oils 2.4%, Fibre 23%, Sugar 8%, Starch 1.2%, Ash 2%

How To Feed Calming Chamomile Cubes

Our Calming Chamomile Cubes should be fed as a treat, perfect for an occasional reward, training aid or as a general tasty snack. If there is any loose product at the bottom of your pouch simply sprinkle this over your horses feed. Try to feed no more than 300g of Calming Cubes per horse, per day.