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Why feed your Horse Gut Health PLUS?

Gut Health PLUS can be extremely helpful when it comes to maintaining healthy gastric acid levels, this supplement can be fed long term without disrupting acid production which plays a crucial role when breaking down food for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients & minerals. 

Gut Health PLUS is one of the highest grades of activated charcoal available, specifically produced from coconut shells to human food & medicinal grade standards making it ideal for long term feeding. This product works by binding to toxins & acidic molecules in your horses digestive tract, and eliminates them through your horses manure. 

This Activated Charcoal is specifically produced for ingestion and has an ultra fine pore size (unlike a lot of cheaper charcoals available on the market that are not suitable for long term use). Gut Health PLUS can help to assist horses struggling with all kinds issues caused by toxins and excess acidity in the digestive system, aiding in:

  • Weight Gain/Maintenance
  • Overall Condition Improvement 
  • Behavioural Issue Improvements
  • Improvements is Gassiness, Bloating, Scouring or Diarrhoea 
  • Reduction in Gargly Gut & Windsucking
  • Happier, Healthier Horses! 

Being an ultra fine granular, Gut Health PLUS is easy to work with and a lot less messy than powdered charcoal. Gut Health PLUS is very easy to feed as it has not strong smell or taste so even fussy feeders are willing to eat it. Gut Health PLUS is also Competition, FEI and Race Legal. 

What's in the bag?

We use 100% Vegetal Carbon (Granulated), nothing else is added or taken away.

    How to feed Gut Health PLUS

    Gut Health PLUS is best fed twice daily, this can be mixed with daily feed at the following rates:

    Small Horse/Ponies - 1½ Scoops twice daily (3 scoops total (27g))

    Large Horses (500kg+) - 2 Scoops Daily (4 scoops total (36g))

    1 enclosed scoop (level) = 9g