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Linseed Oil

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  Small Horses (up to 450kg) = £0.18 per day

Large Horses (450kg+) = £0.36 per day
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Why use Linseed Oil for Horses?

Linseed Oil provides one of the highest natural amounts of Omega-3 in a vegetable based source. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid, meaning that they should be supplemented as your horse cannot produce them itself. Fatty acids play vital roles in the body, including supporting skin and coat health, promoting normal inflammatory responses, and supporting their joints.

What's in the bottle?

100% pure Linseed Oil, nothing else added or taken away

How To use Linseed Oil

This supplement can be poured over daily feed, we recommend the following amounts:

  • Small Horse (Under 450kg) - up to 50ml per day, this can be split between feeds or given at once
  • Large Horse (450kg+) - up to 100ml per day, this can be split between feeds or given at once