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Fennel Seeds - Ground

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Small Horses (up to 450kg) = £0.13 per day

Large Horses (450kg+) = £0.21 per day
*based on 3kg price

Why Feed Ground Fennel Seeds?

Fennel Seeds can help horses that are prone to gas. These natural seeds can have a relaxing effect on your horses stomach if they are feeling discomfort or have excess gas. They can also help mares from the last month of pregnancy onwards, to improve the quality & quantity of milk. Most horses love the taste of fennel so they also work as a good appetite stimulator. Being ground, this supplement can be absorbed by your horse quicker than whole seeds. 

What's in the bag?

We use 100% Natural Ground Fennel Seeds, nothing else is added or taken away.

Properties & Benefits of Fennel Seeds

How To Feed Fennel Seeds

This product can be mixed with your horses daily feed at the following amounts:

  • Small Horse (Under 450kg) - 15g per day, this can be split between feeds or given at once
  • Large Horse (450kg+) - 25g per day, this can be split between feeds or given at once