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Filled Leg Relief

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Why Feed Filled Leg Relief?

Filled Legs can be very uncomfortable for your horse, they may feel hot to the touch and make your horse very reluctant to move, if untreated filled legs put pressure on, and damage, the vein and blood vessel walls. Our mix of 7 natural herbs helps to get rid of excess lymph fluid (the fluid that builds up to cause filled legs), will help support healthy blood and lymph circulation, helps to nourish the immune system, and will help maintain healthy blood vessels. Feeding this blend daily can help to completely eliminate filled legs, making your horse happier and ready for the day!

What Herbs & Why?

We use Fenugreek Seeds, Marigold Flowers, Cleavers, Yarrow, Cut Hawthorn Leaves, Burdock Root & Cut Nettle Leaf in this blend, nothing else is added or taken away.

How To Feed Filled Leg Relief

This product can be mixed with your horses daily feed at the following amounts:

  • Small Horse (Under 450kg) - 20g per day, this can be split between feeds or given at once
  • Large Horse (450kg+) - 30g per day, this can be split between feeds or given at once

Feeding as an Infusion

Many herbs, including Filled Leg Relief, can be fed as an Infusion, this helps the active ingredients become more readily available and more easily absorbed by your horse. 

  1. Put the daily required amount of herbs in a bucket (quantities stated above)
  2. Add 1/2 pint (300ml) of boiling water to the herbs, mix and then allow to cool
  3. When cooled, the whole infusion (including the herbs) can be used to dampen down your horses feed.

If you don't have access to a kettle you can just soak your herbs overnight and this will also help your horse absorb the natural vitamins, minerals & active ingredients.